How Does Thermal Imaging Help Us Fight Breast Cancer

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The detection of any structural abnormality such as a lump is currently the main way to detect breast cancer in growing instances of breast cancerit has become extremely important to adopt a proactive approach that can allow for the earliest possible detection of any changes,ideally before a lump appears and therefore the earliest possible treatment.Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging is one such Wholistic Medical Centre,run by Dr Shamim Daya is based in London and offers this firstline breast screening for women.

Breast CancerThermal Imaging in London scans the infrared spectrum in human is a holistic approach to breast cancer,as it allows for early detection,supervision and guidance from different detects any asymmetrical thermal patterns inside our body that are causing abnormal physiological changes,which can be an early indication of breast disease.Thermal imaging looks at the heat patterns in the body.

In normal human body,the heat is distributed symmetrically all through the subtle imbalance in the thermal pattern inside the body could be a trigger point for further investigation and diagnosis.Digital infrared thermal imaging (DITI) offers a snapshot of such an the case of breast cancer,it has proven to be a revolutionary screening tool, as it allows for the earliest possible detection leading to more treatment options and better outcome.However,the usefulness of this screening largely depends on the effectiveness of the prescribed medical treatment and is where a GP with experience in providing holistic treatment comes into the picture.

Dr Shamim Daya,a holistic GP based in London and is one of the prominent names in the field of holistic treatment and breast screening in the along with her team of dedicated and experienced health practitioners,makes use of thermal imaging to detect suspicious looking areas,usually characterised by an increased energy flow,within the breast.Because every abnormal physiological activity may not be cancer,Dr Daya employs a range of screening tools and medical tests to find the exact reason behind her patient's symptoms.Sometimes any abnormal thermal pattern within the breast could be an infection,inflammatory,lymph congestion or fibrocystic.