Prevention of Cancer by Ayurvedic Treatment

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Cancer can be prevented through Ayurvedic Treatment. The process is a little arduous and time consuming, but results can be achieved by being persistent and tenacious. Many experts and gurus have said that Ayurveda stops the spread of cancer and curbs its malefic effects. The science itself sees the disease germinating out of blood impurities and aggravated Doshas. The alternate therapy provided by Ayurveda ensures all cancer patients have hope of jettisoning the malady indefinitely from their lives.

Ayurvedic TreatmentAyurvedic Hospitals take a different approach to treating blood cancer and all other forms of cancer. Some of the quintessential treatments include the likes of Charaka Samhita and Shushruta Samhita. Ayurvedic Hospitals work on the Prakriti of the human organism affected by cancer and cleanse it thoroughly. They try to chuck out impurities present in the blood cells of the patient.

The weakened Doshas and impure blood lead to Blood Cancer and other forms, feels Ayurveda. They reduce immunity toward diseases further leading to abnormal blood functioning. Blood is also not able to carry Prana to the cells, weakening the defense of the body overall. The Prana, supposed to be life air along with oxygen, is thought to contain a form of energy meant to help human cells perform normally. Impure blood penetrating into body parts weakens it overall leading to uncontrolled cell division known as Arbudha.

Ayurvedic Hospitals offer Prophylactic, Palliative, Supportive and Curative Solutions for treating Blood Cancer and other forms. These solutions are used in many ways. At times they get used up as co-therapies along with a major therapy. They are also used concurrently along with radio therapies. They can be made a part of post surgery support. They prevent cancer cell proliferation. They are used in annihilating tumors. Quality of Life, overall, is improved.

A plethora of Ayurvedic Herbs is used by clinics to treat Cancer. Given below are some of them.
  • Curcumin: This is a substance obtained from Spiced Turmeric. It is an antioxidant which prevents inflammation. It prevents growth of cancer cells, kills existing ones and reduces overall count to an amazing extent.
  • Gynostemma Pentaphyllum: A translation done in Chinese means 'Magical Grass'. It is a tonic recommended for overall body health. It helps in enhancing immunity and preventing growth of cancer cells.
  • Arjuna: It is an extract from Terminalia. The presence of Flavanoids in Arjuna ensures deployment of high anti-oxidants which scavenge into cancer growth. Lung cancer is said to be halted to a huge extent.
  • Ashwagandha: Also known as the Indian Ginseng, it is rich in Flavanoids and considered to be highly inflammatory, anti oxidant, with anti tumor properties. It is known to kill cancerous cells and work on lung cancer.
  • Shatavri: It rejuvenates and strengthens a patient after a rigorous chemotherapy session.

Clinics and other similar facilities practicing Ayurveda make full use of all these herbs to ensure cancer is dealt with an iron fist. Treatment is subscribed accordingly depending on the part of the body where the cells start growing. The part affected is eventually hammered with the requisite therapy which ensures the mounting cells are stopped, their growth interjected and subdued gradually. Also, those cells are isolated and confined to that part only and not allowed to contaminate other parts.

All in all, Ayurveda also happens to be the most organic form of treatment ever to be conceived. It is one of the most trusted as well, as there are possibly no side effects at all. The work happens through herbals and other natural medicines applied eventually to the patient, leading to the disease being exposed directly to treatment and being weeded out in the due course of time.