How Much Condominium Insurance Coverage to Get?

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Condominium insurance is a good investment to have, as it will be able to help you in times of crisis. However, it is unnecessary to purchase all coverage if they are already covered by your condominium's association. Here are some tips to guide you to choosing the amount of coverage for your condominium insurance coverage.

Condominium InsuranceFirst of all, as an owner, you should familiarize yourself with the bylaws of the condominium association so that you can understand what their general insurance policy does cover. They typically cover areas that are shared, like common areas such as walkways, pools, and basements, the building's original structure, as well as the overall property and landscaped grounds. However, if their policies are not clear enough, you should double-check with the association to find out about their coverage, especially when it comes to interior fixtures, drywall, appliances, and carpeting, which are usually not covered by its general policy. Knowing what is covered or not will help you decide how much more coverage you will need.

During the time you get your condominium insurance quotes would be a suitable time to make an inventory of what you might need to have coverage or additional ones for, such as electronics, art pieces, furniture, appliances, and pets. You can consult a licensed condominium insurance agent to find out if the insurance that you are interested in do cover for certain expensive possessions like jewelry, art pieces and electronics.

You should also ask your condominium association about the insurance requirements that you will need to have. Especially if the other owners are not well-insured and as a result, cause harm to you, you will need to find out if the association's policy will cover you. You should also find out if they cover other situations like water damage or liability towards accidents for the people visiting your condominium. Knowing all this information will help you decide on the amount of condominium insurance coverage you might need.