Mandatory Medical Insurance For Your Stay in the Schengen Area

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Europe is a highly popular destination for tourists, especially because of the great cultural and geographical diversity it offers. But unless your native country has a visa waiver agreement with an European country, you will need a visa if you wish to visit Europe.

Countries whose residents need the Schengen visa

Indeed, to travel to Europe, the residents of many countries must obtain a visa. This concerns most countries in Africa and Asia such as Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Cameroon, Nigeria, Senegal, Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, China, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, but also Turkey, Russia, etc..

About the Schengen visa

Residents of these countries need a short stay visa to visit Europe. It is called "Schengen" because it allows you to travel freely between the different member states of the Schengen area for maximum ninety days. The Schengen area includes all European Union countries plus Norway, Iceland and Switzerland. However, Great Britain, Ireland, Romania, Bulgaria and Cyprus are excluded.

Additional condition to get the visa

Since December 2003, anyone wishing to obtain a Schengen visa must subscribe a medical insurance. If you wish to obtain a Schengen visa for France or for Belgium, for Switzerland... you should get insurance that offers certain coverage. No visa can be issued without it.

Useful information to get your visa

You need to make the visa application in person at the proper consulate (that is to say the consulate of the country you head for) in your country of residence. If you want to reapply for a visa, you will have to go back to your country.

The proper consulate is the one of the country where you stay the longest. If you stay in several countries and if you are not sure about which consulate you should get in touch with, the country where your plane landed is the one that will issue your visa.

You need an appointment with the consulate to get your Schengen visa.

A Schengen visa is valid in all Schengen states, unless the visa sticker states otherwise. You will have to pay a fee to get a visa.