Careers in Financial Analysis

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Careers in financial analysis don't imply careers that only deal with money. This is just the beginning for a finance graduate. There are quite a lot of career options in this industry which requires new professionals. The multifaceted nature of the industry offers diverse options with multiple sub industries offering niche opportunities. The best way out is to do thorough research and find the finance career alternative that is best suited to your needs and qualifications.

Careers in Financial Analysis

Key Concepts

A financial analyst is the person who studies and analyzes financial data on behalf of their clients and guides them about how they should channel their investments. Their responsibility is to critically scrutinize the company details in which their client is keen on investing. The analyst studies the financial reports of the company and concludes about its performance and value. The key aspect to take up a career in financial accounting is to have specialized knowledge, logical interpretation of facts and good communication abilities so that the person is able to meet deadlines and multi-task effectively.

Corporate Finance: This is a career in financial accounting which involve working for a certain company to find as well as manage the capital that is required to run the enterprise. In the process, financial risks are minimized, while corporate value maximized. Sophisticated jobs in the field of corporate finance involve acquisition activity and mergers to determine the value of a division to ensure a spin-off. Positions that complement corporate finance include internal auditors and treasurers.

Commercial Banking: The positions span from local institutions to large bodies and come with a good array of financial services from checking the savings accounts to loans and IRAs (individual retirement accounts). As far as financial analysis in commercial banking is concerned, your job options span loan officers, bank tellers, branch managers and operation marketers. This is where you can advance from a job in a local branch to a job at the corporate headquarters. Through commercial banking, you can grow or branch out to other fields like international finance.

Investment Banking: This is a field that comes with some of the most intense and glamorous financial careers. The jobs involve a issuing of corporate security and making them available for investors to purchase. Investment bankers address wealthy investors as well as large corporations. As an investment banker, you need to interact with mergers and acquisition professionals for trading bonds and stocks in the securities market.